Zoneworks SCL Curtain Walls by Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, Wis., make up a highly flexible and adaptable fabric wall system that makes it easy to contain dust, smoke or Zoneworks dust containment wallfumes, while improving air quality by dividing the interior space of industrial facilities.

Versatile SCL non-insulated curtain walls allow users to quickly and easily create new environmental zones to better meet the needs of the operation. SCL curtain walls act as a very effective physical barrier, blocking the transfer of dust particles, smoke and fumes from space to space. By reducing the volume of the space to be exhausted with curtain walls, smaller fans can be used with less total air movement being required. In turn, lower air velocity through filter media increases the effective particle separation of the device and reduces the frequency required for filter changeout or cleaning.

The SCL curtain easily suspends from ceiling joists or roof decks. The curtain is constructed of a durable vinyl, fire-retardant fabric that meets NFPA-701 standards. It comes as a stationary wall or sliding system, which moves via a galvanized track and hanger configuration that incorporates the use of 2-wheel trolleys. Additionally, these flexible fabric walls are ideal for virtually any application where permanent load-bearing walls are not needed or are cost-prohibitive.