Polaris Vending, Croton, N.Y., launched the patent-pending COILPOD dust containment bag, which is an environmentally-friendly solution for the indoor cleaning of Coilpodself-contained condenser coil units in refrigerated or freezer merchandiser display cases that contain food and beverages, prep tables or other refrigerated appliances.

How it works is:

Operators place the COILPOD bag (approximately 28 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 18 inches high) over the coil structure while supplying exhaust air and vacuum from a “shop vac” through two ports in the bag’s surface to remove debris from the coils while vacuuming it into the “shop vac.” The bag entraps the removed debris during the cleaning operation, protecting the environment outside the bag from undesired contamination.

Polaris Vending, Inc.