To consistently manufacture safe, industry-leading products, JTM Food Group, Harrison, Ohio, invests heavily in advanced technology from Provisur Technologies, Provisur NovaMaxInc., Mokena, Ill. For example, JTM incorporated two new Formax NovaMax500 forming systems into what it calls the Formax Room, which houses a mixer/grinder, a pre-break grinder and conveyors.

“These forming systems were the first developed—Alpha machines—in this facility,” says Joe Maas, vice president, operations for JTM.

When JTM acquired these forming systems, the foodservice solutions provider immediately set a new industry standard, featuring improved food safety and sanitation, 45% more output, greater portion control, less giveaway, superior training and a lower cost of ownership. In fact, the plant’s new forming machines are faster, quieter and require far less maintenance previous machines, Maas says.

“These machines are purring like kittens,” he adds. “It is really refreshing and impressive to see the level of R&D and total improvement in this machine. Formax has really gone the entire route and put together the best possible machines available on the market today—complete with an ultra-sanitary design.”

Meanwhile, incorporating the new NovaMax500 forming system resulted in superior end products, optimal operational throughput and extraordinary hygiene. This next-generation replacement for the F-19 forming system helps processors meet stringent customer demands while improving their own costs, portion control and machine maintenance.

When searching for processing equipment, Maas first looks for suppliers with a sterling reputation and equipment that consistently delivers shift after shift with little or no downtime. Such equipment must be broken down easily to ensure effective cleaning and sanitation on a daily basis. The NovaMax500 forming system features a unibody construction and a rigid 1-piece pump box that saves time while assuring effective washdowns. Pivoting feed-screw drives, hopper and removable feed screws enable easy, thorough cleaning and reduce maintenance time and costs.

“I’m constantly integrating all available technologies and searching the marketplace for what’s available in automated equipment with extraordinary food safety features,” Maas says.