VerTexforming systems from Formax, a brand owned by Provisur Technologies Inc., Mokena, Ill., are ideal for consistently creating a wide range of formed, further Provisur VerTex 1000value-added poultry products.

The VerTex1000, for example, was designed to improve efficiency and sustainability by substantially reducing water usage and power consumption.

The VerTex660 includes a direct drive servo system offering drum speeds up to 20 RPM and rates in excess of 9,000 pounds per hour, while the VerTex1000 is said to offer the industry’s highest output at drum speeds up to 20 RPM and rates up to 14,000 pounds per hour.

Both systems’ dual lobe pumps protect a product’s original texture. The pump and the feed screw movement are operator controlled to prevent overworking, resulting in a better product texture. Portions can be as thin as .200 inches and as thick as .750 inches with front to back dimension of up to 6 inches, providing versatility for whole muscle, ground muscle, ground, 3D contoured, large diameters and mixes.

The systems’ low-maintenance rotary drum maximizes uptime and provides significant cost benefits compared to sintered metal forming products. The VerTex660 drum utilizes materials similar to those used on their slide plate forming systems, so they can be cleaned without special chemicals or cleaning stations.

And, both systems are equipped with servo knock-out systems, which facilitate accurate product placement and eliminate troublesome release issues caused by plugged drums. The 15-inch touch-screen interface offers a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages, and the systems’ pivoting product hopper assures higher productivity and food safety.

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