Boston-based Digital Lumens and Xicato, San Jose, Calif., announced a strategic partnership to bring wireless intelligent solutions, drive adoption and lower the cost of ownership of energy efficient smart lighting.

By combining Xicato's XIM Intelligent Modules that integrate driver, dimming and diagnostic electronics within the light source and Digital Lumens' Digital Light Agent (DLA) wireless sensing and control modules, these luminaire manufacturers can now offer intelligent lighting via LightRules, Digital Lumens' energy and intelligence software platform. The LightRules-based software system will wirelessly manage lighting and gather key data about the operating environment, while delivering Digital Lumens' signature efficiency, flexibility and control.

"Retail and hospitality segments offer a tremendous growth opportunity for smart lighting. The Xicato-Digital Lumens solution enables the lighting and facilities communities to improve operations and business with wireless intelligent solutions," says Menko de Roos, chief executive officer of Xicato. "Together, we deliver smart lighting that improves efficiencies, lowers ownership costs and makes sense for the professional indoor lighting community."

"We are delighted to partner with Xicato to accelerate the global adoption of intelligent lighting systems," says Tom Pincince, president and CEO of Digital Lumens. "Our joint approach makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to connect the XIM to the DLA and LightRules, and provides new levels of value in any environment."