Stellar, Jacksonville, Fla., launched an updated version of its digital process safety management (PSM) software to now include an updated look, enhanced Stellar PSM2functionality and more scalable infrastructure.

Digital PSM is cloud-based, enabling manufacturers to access and use the software via a web browser at any location rather than licensing the software and running it on their own servers. And, because it is internet-based, there is no software to install. Each facility has a separate and secure digital storage area for quick reference, and it offers multiple levels of access for plant/company personnel.

All PSM/RMP program documentation is in one location (plant-specific), and procedures and records are easily accessible and maintainable by authorized employees. A document management tool provides the ability to edit and download/upload documentation while maintaining version control. Preventive maintenance tasks can be generated and stored online, and emergency procedures are easily accessible. Plus, the dashboard feature provides a quick snapshot of a facility’s compliance.