The new BOXXER T-30 automatic case erector and bottom tape sealer from Miami-based Eagle Packaging Machinery is capable of running both regular-slotted and Eagle Boxxer T30half-slotted style boxes, up to 30 cases per minute.

The BOXXER T-30 transfers a blank from the supply hopper to the erecting station where the blank is opened, the minor flaps are folded and then the major flaps. The erected case is moved through the tape cartridge where a 2- or 3-inch tape is applied. The case is now ready to be filled. As a single operator machine, the BOXXER T-30 is mobile and easy to move. It can produce a wide range of boxes with no part changes required.

The unit offers a broad range of features, including an Omron PLC, color touchscreen, high-capacity blank hopper and easy access panels with safety switches. Plus, it is built with welded steel frame construction, includes casters for easy mobility and is available for left- or right-hand operation.

Eagle Packaging Machinery, LLC