Synchrono, St. Paul, Minn., launched SyncAlert, real-time notification and escalation software that empowers manufacturing teams to quickly notify the right resource Synchrono SyncAlertabout problems and enable a rapid response, while tracking the results and minimizing costly downtime.

SyncAlert is an add-on designed to run in tandem with SyncOperations— a workflow engine and data historian for smart monitoring and synchronization of equipment and processes—and SyncViewa visual factory information system.

Leveraging SyncAlert, manufacturing teams can communicate alerts in real-time, making production issues visible to all relevant team members; mobilize resources based on standard operating procedures, ensuring rapid and consistent responses; automatically escalate issues and view resources assigned to the escalation and the status; and capture and export data, including actual response time, escalation rates and machine-level problems, allowing the team to engage in continuous improvement activities based on solid information.

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