Ledo, an ice cream producer located in Croatia, is reaping the benefits of having a bespoke pack created by Denmark-based RPC Superfos Balkan. RPC Superfos ice cream package

The Quattro brand is available throughout Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia in a sleek, transparent plastic pack displaying four different ice cream flavors, such as Almond, Mandarin, Lavender and Crème Caramel.

The transparent packaging solution has been made especially for Ledo and its subsidiary Frikom, based in Serbia. Ledo was looking for a special pack for Quattro and approached RPC Superfos Balkan, a provider of injection molded packaging.

With its in-house mold shop and highly skilled staff, RPC Superfos Balkan met Ledo’s demand for creative solutions.

“Our marketing team worked closely with RPC Superfos Balkan to develop and produce a totally new and remarkable packaging solution,” says Tomislav Kitonic, managing director of Ledo. “During the brainstorm and workshop phase, RPC Superfos Balkan demonstrated great creativity and flexibility—every wish we had regarding the packaging could be realized. Unquestionably, the packaging solution adds value to our brand.”

The pack comes in 1650 and 900 ml and boasts round corners and an easy-to-open-and-reclose lid. The four ice cream combinations are ready to serve straight from the freezer to the dinner table, and its shape allows for efficient storage and easy transportation.

“Together, with RPC Superfos Balkan, we have created an ice cream pack with a strong distinctive character. Everybody here knows Quattro—not least because of the packaging—and the popularity of the range is reflected in sales figures as well,” adds Kitonic.