Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., has taken an innovative approach to print-and-apply labeling with the Videojet 9550. The new LPA design removes the Videojet 9550 LPAmechanisms that frequently cause everyday operational problems, such as label jams and routine manual adjustments. 

By incorporating Intelligent Motion technology, the entire system is precisely and electronically controlled, targeting zero unscheduled downtime on production lines. The 9550’s direct drive system feeds and places labels accurately, even at high line speeds without the use of manual adjustments, clutches or nip rollers. The Direct Drive system controls the entire label path, ensuring web tension is maintained from start to finish, irrespective of speed or label size.

The Videojet 9550 Direct Apply system also removes the need for complex applicators for mainstream top or side label applications, reducing the number of labels being incorrectly applied or mangled during application. The 9550’s print engine also incorporates Intelligent Motion technology for precise ribbon feed and printhead control, ensuring optimum print quality and improved performance.


Videojet Technologies, Inc.