Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision introduced the CLS Series vision inspection systems, designed to inspect and confirm that production lines are producing the specified Mettler Toledo CLS 200safety markings and that printers are functioning correctly. If a printer malfunctions and any required code or date is not placed on a package, or is incorrect, incomplete or unreadable because of a printing error, the vision system will detect that and reject the item. By tracking each product’s lot number as it passes through the processing line, the technology also guarantees due diligence throughout the supply chain.

The CLS series consists of three machine sizes––200mm, 300mm and 400mm widths––able to inspect fresh food product packaging of different widths and lengths. Cameras automatically adjust position to facilitate set-up of each system for examination of products ranging from 10mm to 200mm in height. This boosts flexibility for fresh food producers, while optimizing camera focus and lighting for accurate label verification regardless of pack height.

The CIVCore software enables high-speed processing of inspection data and analyzes high-resolution images at a speed of 250 packs per minute. CIVCore software also provides a large memory capacity for the storage of data and images of rejected packs. Its easy-to-use touchscreen displays intuitive drop-down menus and graphic toolbars for easy set up.