Agropur, Canada, selected Multi Depot planning software to optimize its fixed route operation that sees hundreds of vehicles moving fresh dairy product throughout Agropur truckingCanada every week. 

The Multi Depot planning software, produced by Paragon Software Systems, Inc., Frisco, Texas, includes street level mapping, a Territory Optimizer module to help create compact territories with balanced workloads and a Multi Period Planner option to help streamline delivery frequency. This helps Agropur gain more efficient truck routes and schedules, thus reducing total transportation costs.

“We are excited to begin working with Paragon Software Systems to optimize our delivery routes and schedules,” says John McClymont, manager, retail distribution and process improvement for Agropur.

“Paragon software not only delivers a quick ROI, but helps improve customer service by meeting required schedules, plus better utilizes a driver’s time by avoiding traffic delays and idling situations,” says William Salter, president and CEO, Paragon Software Systems. “We look forward to Agropur’s success for streamlined delivery routes, reduced mileage and lowered costs.”

Paragon’s Multi Depot software looks at Agropur’s operation as a whole to simplify planning and reduce overall mileage. The Multi Period Planner helps Agropur decide the best delivery patterns for each customer to ensure delivery requirements are met while minimizing costs. The Territory Optimizer utilizes street level maps and true road-based journey calculations to accurately calculate workloads to reduce overall mileage, travel time and transportation costs. Paragon delivers street level details, such as roads, bridges, over and underpasses, one-way roads, etc. that can affect delivery times.