PURE Bioscience, Inc., San Diego, Calif., made its PURE Hard Surface disinfectant available for use in the almost 27,000 SUBWAY franchised locations in the Pure Bioscience sprayUnited States.

PURE Hard Surface disinfectant, which is powered by a patented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly SDC antimicrobial molecule, fits perfectly into SUBWAY’s commitment to greener living and its food safety protocol by further strengthening the quick-service restaurant chain’s sanitization program.

“Food safety and food quality are our top priorities, and our goal is to serve food that consistently meets the highest quality and safety standards,” says Eric Wolfe, manager of global product quality for the SUBWAY brand, based in Milford, Conn. “We think PURE Hard Surface disinfectant is a powerful, yet safe and environmentally friendly way to help franchisees meet those standards.”

“We see our product as an ideal fit with SUBWAY’s strategy to find new and innovative ways to improve operations and use even more effective natural, green products,” adds Hank Lambert, chief executive officer of PURE. “We will make PURE Hard Surface disinfectant available to franchisees, so they can immediately begin to use the product for an enhanced level of food safety protection.”