Goodway Technologies, Stamford, Conn., introduced BioSpray-10, a smaller, lighter weight system from its predecessor, BioSpray-20, making it ideal for on-the-go applications.

Compared to trigger spray bottles or wipes, the BioSpray-10 system is said to reduce labor time by up to 63% while applying up to 88% less product, as validated by independent lab testing and certifications.

BioSpray-10’s quick drying alcohol-based sanitizer is safe for use around water-sensitive equipment and machinery. The patented system uses an innovative CO2 delivery technology to safely and effectively apply EPA-registered BioSpray D2 sanitizer in a lab-calibrated stream for full coverage that reaches smaller cracks and crevices.

BioSpray-10 is quiet, non-electric and portable and is made of hygienic stainless-steel design.


Goodway Technologies