PDC International Corp., Norwalk, Conn., released its robust, multi-use shrink sleeve labeler, designed to process up to 400 containers per minute of difficult or PDC R-350 shrink sleeve labelernon-traditional packages.

The PDC R-350 Evolution Shrink Sleeve Labeler handles taper-less containers, ovals, twin packs and rigid packages of all types with capacities of 2-64 ounces. 

The R-350 can be supplied with custom material handling that orients products in dual counter-rotating timing screws as well as servo-controlled gripper belts to provide consistent presentation of packages for sleeving.  

The R-350 is a mandrel-style labeler that uses PDC’s proprietary blade technology—a rugged and longer-lived alternative to the fragile “spinning knives.”  Mandrels, feed screws and other change parts can all be switched out quickly thanks to the company’s exclusive tool-less changeover feature. 

The R-350 Shrink Labeler features a stainless-steel frame, upstream photo eyes, material monitors and an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC platform. Options include modules for precise vertical and horizontal consumer perforations, cutoff registration, stainless-steel construction and componentry and custom construction features. 

PDC International Corp.