JLS Automation launched the Osprey CL automatic chub loader, which features single or dual ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker robots, boasts a small footprint and produces speeds ranging from 125-200 chubs per minute. The CL utilizes the full capabilities of the ABB robot(s) to remove complexities found in other pick-and-place, gantry and wrap-around case packers. Features include simple product handling, simple end-of-arm tooling, simple case handling, high sanitary design, modular system design and fast changeovers. The CL handles chub packs ranging from 2- to 4.5-inch diameter, 4- to 24-inch length and weights from 8 ounces up to 10 pounds. Applications include ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork or sausage, cookie dough, sauerkraut, chili, liver sausage, polenta, meatloaf and more.
JLS Automation



Standard-Knapp’s flexible 298 Tritium trayshink packer is a single machine capable of tray, pad and unsupported pack styles, making it ideal for co-packers. The 298 Tritium is capable of running up to 120 trays per minute and provides a consistent tight, wrinkle-free wrap. The horizontally loaded tray blank magazine is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and simplified maintenance. Operators can load blanks without bending or stretching, and can quickly spot any operational issues. In addition, changing from one pack style to another is easy. It only takes operators about 15 minutes to change over pack styles by selecting a new product on the operator interface screen and changing over a small number of parts.



Bradman Lake debuted the FT120 horizontal form-fill-seal flow wrapping machine. It operates at the highest level of efficiency and seal integrity even for difficult heat seal applications. Additional features are that it reduces number of operators, as it can be integrated with complete range of product-specific handling systems for semi and full automation, and handles a wide range of products, formats and sizes. Plus, it’s robust and built to the latest safety and hygiene standards required in the bakery and frozen food industries.
Bradman Lake Group