The Syntegon Pack 403 HE is a fully-automated horizontal flow wrapper which is specifically designed for harsh environment use. Due to its narrow machine design, the Pack 403 HE is suited for medium to high-speed wrapping of food products, which require strict hygiene during the packaging process. The machine is ideal for food productions, which are packaging different product on the same machine and therefore need to avoid contamination with allergens, germs or unwanted ingredients.


F 286 thermoforming packaging machine


The new F 286 thermoforming packaging machine from MULTIVAC is ideal for producing vacuum and MAP packs for snack products. The F 286 was designed to produce thermoformed packs with a forming depth of up to 20 mm. With the optional upper web forming of 10 mm, it’s possible to replace existing, symmetrically produced pouch packs. Thanks to its loading area of up to 3,000 mm, which can be extended flexibly, it’s possible to achieve high pack outputs, even though the machine can also be accommodated in confined working environments. The unloading area can be extended to fit printing solutions or other equipment components, so that even an inkjet printer or additional cutting unit can be integrated into the machine.

The F 286 achieves a high output with up to 240 packs per minute. Very high and uniform sealing forces, combined with a high-performance forming station, ensure that excellent pack results are achieved even with aluminum packs.


Sleeve Seal SSL-800i MKII vertical sleeve labeler


The Sleeve Seal SSL-800i MKII vertical sleeve labeler is our fastest single-head labeler at up to 800CPM. The MKII moniker represents the advancements made to our Automated Intelligence iSeries set of controls resulting in unparalleled efficiencies utilizing the most up-to-date technologies available. With pneumatic adjustments and formats recipes stored in the HMI, the operator input is controlled, ensuring efficiencies are repeatable shift to shift. The SSL-800i is a self-contained, versatile shrink-sleeve labeler with stunning performance that can be combined with any of our label accumulation systems to run flawlessly for countless hours in harsh environments.

Sleeve Seal

EDL 22-45 single roll shrink wrapping system


The EDL 22-45 single roll shrink wrapping system uses a single roll of shrink film sealed on the bottom and is ideal in situations where a consistent and attractive “bulls eye” is obtained on each multi-product bundle. With throughput speeds of up to 45 packages per minute, the system fits well in low-to-medium-speed packaging operations. It is compatible with trayed and tray-less products, as is especially well-suited to dairy, multipacks and other packaged products. The EDL Model 22-45 includes a welded tubular frame to control vibration and ensure repeatable wrapping and production throughput, and it can easily be integrated into existing production lines and handle products as long as 16 inches, up to 12 inches high and 20 inches wide. It’s applicable for 1.5 to 3 mm film, including clear plastic, random printed or print registered materials, in segments up to 55 x 22 inches.

EDL Packaging