Automatically Loads Flow Wrappers

Automatically Loads Flow Wrappers   

The JLS Talon hygienically loads refrigerated and frozen food products into various primary packaging formats, including flow wrappers, with ease via IP69K delta robots. Load raw, cooked and frozen product with speed, precise placement and preferred product orientation. Highly adaptable, the Talon’s end-of-arm tooling is versatile and easy to swap in and out based on each application, including vacuum technology, grippers and paddle lifts. With Vacuum On Board technology, sanitation is as simple as a tool changeover – no cleaning needed. All-stainless steel and open construction allow for quick and easy washdowns. 

JLS Automation

Case Picker Handles Flexible, Rigid Containers in Same Machine 

SOMIC Packaging’s legacy 424 automated case packing series offers flexibility to meet today’s format needs and in the future. Many international packaging brands rely on the 424 to collate, group and pack open trays, wraparound cases, trays with covers or lid inserts, and paperboard cartons. The system is designed to handle both flexible and rigid containers on the same machine, including small format and alternative packaging with unusual shapes and configurations. Simple and efficient, the compact footprint maximizes your floor space, and its versatility provides optional speeds and the latest technology to ensure consistent, trouble-free operation.

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