The new and improved EDL Double Tight Wrap DTW 25 shrink-wrapping machine applies two perpendicular bands of LDPE film to tightly unitize and totally enclose multipacks of packaged products. The new system employs servo controls to manage the sealing of up to 25 bundles per minute. The system is 12% faster than previous similar size models and requires up to 30% less floor space. Additionally, the DTW 25 system uses up to 40% less film than traditional total enclosure shrink packaging systems. The DTW 25 double-tight wrap system was designed for the secure bundling of gable-topped, bagged and pouched products, as well as large bags of granular products.

EDL Packaging  |  920-336-7744



MULTIVAC has developed thermoform packaging machines specifically for shrink packaging that offers greater line speeds, reduced labor costs, and a measurable improvement in sustainability efforts. The MULTIVAC FormShrink thermoformers improve packaging flexibility due to the ability to create a pack cavity to match your product rather than using a pre-formed pouch. This can lead to a 30% savings on materials when compared to the traditional chamber machine shrink packs. Also, the thermoforming process allows the customer to choose film colors, or pre-printed films, for the top and bottom films. MULTIVAC’s thermoforming solutions eliminate the overlapping of film by cutting the seal to precisely fit the product.

Multivac  |  800-800-8552


Sleeve Seal

Sleeve Seal is focused on a new era of repeatable labeling performance. Built-to-last American manufacturing expertise and modern engineering combine to produce speeds from 25 to 1600 CPM on robust machines equipped with intelligent Allen Bradley controls. Heavyweight construction and the fastest, most durable drive train in the industry provide countless hours of high-efficiency runs. Sleeve Seal machines are engineered to provide quality labeling performance with simple, tool-less changeovers between container formats. Sleeve Seal has engineered the SSL-450 series of machines to be hard running machines with a smaller footprint that can stand alone or can be mated to high-capacity label accumulation systems for high-volume labeling.

Sleeve Seal  |  501-492-3893


hygienic washdown feeder

Syntegon is featuring a new hygienic washdown feeder at this year’s Pack Expo Connects event in November. The feeder is ideal for fresh and frozen applications and can be integrated with a hygienic flow wrapper, such as the Pack 403 HE. Key features include: stainless steel construction with corrosion-resistant plastic; fully-welded components and rubber compressed seals for a bacteria-free seal; blue belting to notice wear and possible contaminants; tool-less removal of belt for quick, easy changeovers; on-machine storage for easy access and cleaning; etched scales for quick, repeatable adjustments; sloped surfaces for drainage; AB VPF food-grade motors; and wire-mesh, fall-through trough to avoid collection of debris, with optional catch pans.

Syntegon  |  715-246-6511

Compiled by Michael Costa.

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