Thermo Fisher Scientific, Minneapolis, introduced two new bulk X-ray systems—the Thermo Scientific Xpert B400 and B600—giving food processors, growers and Thermo Fisher Scientific Xpert bulk systempackers new and more thorough ways to address potential contaminants in bulk food ingredients.

Available in widths of 400 and 600 millimeters, these systems run at a maximum speed of 80 meters per minute.

The Xpert bulk X-ray systems incorporate the company’s latest technology to detect foreign objects in bulk materials such as seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. These units are ideal where upstream bulk inspection is desirable due to a high probability of ingredient contamination.

Additional features include front, back or side-slotted bulk flow input funnel, adjustable metering device designed to facilitate a consistent product level for optimum detection, multi-lane inspection software designed to minimize the amount of rejected material, easy-to-remove belt and guides when cleaning, output slide with 1-4 rejection gates and removable contaminated product collection box, three guide types to help products stay on conveyor belt, optional lane dividers to facilitate flow and high-resolution sensors and high-power X-ray sources for maximum sensitivity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Product Inspection