The new Mettler Toledo X37 X-ray inspection system series was developed specifically to deliver efficient, cost-effective production line X-ray inspection of products in vertical packaging such as bottles, cartons, cans and canisters. The X37 system provides a highly adaptable solution that provides inspection of individual situations by offering a wide range of features. The new system also features higher-sensitivity sensors, which require lower 20W X-ray generator power consumption to complete its inspections. This eliminates the need for active cooling of the generator and reduces both Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and unit size.

The X37 system inspects metal, glass, rigid plastic and fiberboard containers and can reliably detect contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, calcified bone, high absorption plastics and rubber compounds like viton, that can lead to brand image damage and possible liability lawsuits. Contaminated containers are automatically rejected from the line before they can leave the facility. The system’s full color touch screen user interface withstands high-pressure washdown and intuitive software simplifies operation, with no need for time-consuming manual changeover operations or specialized knowledge of X-ray inspection technology. Diverse connectivity options provide multiple methods to interact with the system and retrieve statistics and images, including PackML and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

All Safeline X-ray inspection systems detect glass contaminants, but purposely developed glass-in-glass detection machines provide all-round glass inspection by reducing blind spots in the base, sidewalls and neck of the container. The X3750 system, for example, provides optimal glass-in-glass detection by using either a combination-beam X-ray system or a system with an angled single X-ray beam.

The X37 Series offers horizontal single-beam and split-beam solutions to meet different inspection needs and to ensure reliable and consistent inspection for all types of tall, rigid container applications. High throughput levels of up to 1,800 containers per minute can be achieved, depending on the application. X37 systems can be installed onto existing production lines without slowing down line speeds. The flexible standard modular design of the X37 can be fully configured to individual application requirements. With a choice of a 0.4 mm or 0.8 mm detector, optimum inspection results are achieved, even in the most demanding production environments.

About Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo Product Inspection is a division of METTLER TOLEDO, Inc., a global supplier of precision instruments with sales and service locations in over 39 countries. The division – consisting of Safeline, Hi-Speed, CI-Vision, and PCE – is the world’s leading supplier of metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems, in-line checkweighers, machine vision systems, and serialization/Track & Trace solutions. These systems are used in many industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, plastics and chemicals, to continuously ensure the quality of their products and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing and packaging processes.