Weber Packaging Solutions, Arlington Heights, Ill., introduced the new Model 114, a quick and accurate labeling system capable of applying labels to one or two Weber 114 label applicatorsides of a product simultaneously.

The Weber 114 is a self-contained unit that features one or two Alpha Compact label applicators mounted on a sturdy, fully-adjustable base. The 114 is perfect for applying pressure-sensitive labels on straight-wall containers and has a label placement accuracy of ±0.03 inches, making it as precise as similar labeling systems used in larger-scale operations. Labels up to 6 inches high and 12 inches long can be applied to a variety of product sizes by using the system’s adjustable guide rails.

Products are delivered to the applicator via a 7.75-inch-wide/45-inch-long conveyor, which permits item transfers at both the entry and discharge ends. Products are secured by a top hold-down belt right before the label is applied, ensuring that items do not shift.

During application, labels are peeled away from the liner and securely affixed to products through the use of a wipe-on applicator. The Weber 114 can also be configured with a second Alpha Compact applicator, enabling it to label two sides of a product at the same time.

The Weber 114 produces up to 25 labels per minute, making it ideal for low-volume, two-sided labeling such as square-sided beverage containers that have unique front and back labels.