Weber Packaging Solutions, Arlington Heights, Ill., debuted its new Alpha Compact top and bottom labeling system for top and/or bottom labeling on clamshells, trays and chipboard cartons.

This top and bottom labeling systemconsists of a split conveyor for a highly accurate method of applying multiple labels on various containers at the same time. This system is ideal for presenting and applying labels to clamshell packaging of bakery goods, produce, meats, cheeses and other products in shrink-wrapped trays that need branding labels on the top and nutrition/barcode/ingredient labels on the bottom.

This Alpha Compact system can apply labels up to 11.8 inches long and 4.7 inches wide (standard) or 6 inches wide (optional). It includes two mirrored Alpha Compact label applicators (one above, one below) and a split conveyor system that allows the lower labeler to reach the bottom of the passing product.  The labels are presented as the product travels toward the applicators on the conveyor. After receiving a label on top, the container then gets a label applied from below, completing the labeling process in just a few feet.

Weber Packaging Solutions