In 2013, Nestlé S.A., Switzerland, committed itself to buying only horizontal ice cream chest freezers with natural refrigerants. Nestle freezer

Now, beginning January 2015, every new horizontal chest freezer Nestlé buys to store ice cream will use natural refrigerants rather than synthetic refrigerants. These new freezers represent 70% of Nestlé’s total spend on freezers.

“Already, in 2013, Nestlé committed itself to buying only new horizontal ice cream chest freezers with natural refrigerants in Europe,” said Pascal Gréverath, head of environmental sustainability. “Now, we are making this pledge global. This is the second stage in a wider process of making our entire fleet of freezers more environmentally efficient, cooled using natural refrigerants. These actions contribute to ensuring that Nestlé products are not only tastier and healthier, but also better for the environment along the entire value chain.”

The company invested $258 million to implement natural alternatives in 93% of its industrial refrigeration systems.

Nestlé is also implementing the Consumer Goods Forum Resolution (CGF) on Refrigeration, which encourages businesses to take action towards phasing out some HFC refrigerants from 2015 ahead of time.