PDC International Corp., Norwalk, Conn., introduced a shrinksealer that performs at high speeds on small, difficult-to-handle bottles. PDC 90 series shrinksealer

The 90-Series was engineered for continuous, higher speed production lines of 200-400 cpm, depending on sleeve height and diameter. The new 90-E TSCB model features special product handling, and a timing screw transfers small bottles into a cleated belt. This provides stability during neck band application and pre-shrinking in position for consistent band placement and functionality.

A “zero downtime” automatic reel changeover feature allows operators to load a second reel of material without stopping (or slowing) production. The system detects when the initial reel is expended and automatically engages the new reel. 

PDC’s patented tetrahedron wedge technology delivers sleeving film through the feeding, cutting and application process.

And, PDC’s patented blade assemblies are manufactured from severe-service tool steels with superior hardness and edge profile, thus preventing the “hairs” that are often problematical for users of spinning knife devices.

Other features include full safety enclosure, heavy duty construction, Allen-Bradley PLC control, a touch-screen HMI, keyed run/jog switch and upstream photo-eyes. 

PDC International Corp.