Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, Wis., pioneered FasTrax doors, featuring a roll-up design that operates at speeds of 100 inches per second, minimizing air intrusion while Rite Hite FasTraxmaximizing productivity.

If bumped or impacted, a FasTrax door can easily reconfigure itself to get back onto the door track. It is also said to be the safest door in the industry, boasting Soft-Edge technology and thru-beam photo eyes.

FasTrax clean room doors feature a 1-piece radial header, which is machined from a solid block of UHMW plastic and meets both USDA and FDA standards for cleanup.The door’s fabric is a smooth polypropylene, providing higher resistance to acids and bases and a lower water absorption rate than vinyls and urethanes. This fabric makes the FasTrax Clean highly resistant to mold and gives it superior washdown qualities, even with harsh cleaning chemicals.

The FasTrax design also uses non-corrosive Lexan and UHMW side frames. These lightweight and easily removable frames meet government guidelines for washdown and bacteria control. Side frames stand off from the wall to minimize surface-to-surface contact, reducing pockets where bacteria can grow.  Additionally, it has a washdown-rated drive system and controls. FasTrax can be used in a variety of applications, including washdown, high-wind and cooler or freezer high-cycle application.

Rite-Hite Corp.