SPX, Charlotte, N.C., released its new EcoPure sanitary centrifugal pump, designed to increase production efficiency and final product safety. SPX EcoPure pump

The EcoPure pump is engineered to provide increased efficiency, reliability and safety in traditional hygienic centrifugal pump applications through the use of high-powered drive magnets and efficient impellers. With no need for seal maintenance or risk of product contamination through seal failure, the pump delivers enhanced food/product safety, reduced maintenance requirements, improved reliability and increased pump availability. It further helps a plant’s ability to reduce wastewater streams associated with seal flushing. 

The innovative design uses a magnetic drive system that effectively creates a virtually “leak-free” pump solution by removing the need for mechanical seals. The drive system is engineered to provide hygienic operation by incorporating the magnets directly into the impeller. With no seals to replace or maintain, the EcoPure pump further increases process health and safety by ensuring there is no product leakage. The design also simplifies the infrastructure required for the pump with no need for water lines or any controls for seal flushing.

The EcoPure pump is designed for clean-in-place (CIP) or sterilize-in-place (SIP) operation and is 3A and EHEDG compliant.

SPX Corp.