JBS USA Holdings, Inc., an animal protein processor based in Greeley, Colo., has been continuously improving efficiency and end-to-end supply chain visibility since 2004 through the strategic use of a cloud-based multi-modal transportation management platform from Kewill, Chelmsford, Mass. With Kewill’s technology, JBS has greatly improved on-time deliveries, increased order fill rates and enhanced customer satisfaction and efficiency in measureable amounts over the past 10 years.

JBS USA, a division of Brazil-based JBS S.A., employs more than 85,000 team members in North America and Australia, and operates its own multi-state over-the-road truckload carrier, JBS Carriers, Inc., which handles refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight for JBS USA and other customers.

After a period of significant growth, in 2004, JBS USA needed a transportation management system (TMS) that would automate outbound logistics processes, but still be flexible enough to control and manage the differing logistics requirements for domestic beef and pork shipments. The company needed to easily manage a roster of third-party carriers alongside its own freight division and understand its cost per lane, as well as the cost per carrier.

Now, JBS USA relies on Kewill Transport, a cloud-based TMS platform that automates the entire transportation management process by connecting businesses to a collaborative logistics network. The solution enables JBS USA to build the most efficient transportation plans by consolidating orders into loads and finding the best option for expediting the movement of product.

“Using Kewill Transport, the TMS element of the Kewill MOVE on the Cloud for Shippers solution, businesses such as JBS USA gain access to a 16,000-strong international carrier network that is growing all the time, easing the path to trading with customers nationally, regionally and even globally,” says Evan Puzey, chief marketing officer at Kewill. “The solution helps you find the fastest, most economical way of managing outbound or inbound shipments regardless of where your customers are located while keeping a tight control on the overall process and costs.”

Presently, JBS USA manages all transportation processes through Kewill Transport, moving more than 6,000 loads of beef and pork per week using more than 500 carriers, including JBS Carriers. The software’s flexibility and scalability allows JBS USA to easily scale its shipment volume as its business grows.

In addition, JBS USA’s transportation staff manages carrier contracts more easily, monitoring 100% of their North American transportation with full visibility of freight charges. Kewill Transport enables them to choose the carrier that best fits their needs based on shipment logistics requirements and carrier rates.

“With the Kewill Transport cloud-based platform, JBS is able to efficiently handle more shipment volume than before and can more effectively track outbound shipments,” says Rogerio Peres, chief information officer at JBS USA. “JBS has improved on-time deliveries and increased order-fill rates, leading to improved customer satisfaction, efficiency and margin growth.”