Minneapolis-based General Mills wanted to provide just-in-time (JIT) delivery to its docks from its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, plant. After evaluating several alternatives, it was determined that a laser guided vehicle (LGV) system could provide the necessary solution.

The system needed to take into account safety as well as cost efficiencies. The vehicles would use the latest laser technology to determine objects in the vehicle’s path and stop automatically until the path was cleared.

That’s when it turned to Transbotics Corp., Charlotte, N.C.

Load present sensors were initiated a material pick-up call. The system controller manages vehicle traffic and directs the closest fork style LGV to move and pick up the load. Once the load is picked up, the vehicle uses the on-board traffic manager to deliver the finished goods to a drop-off stand in the warehouse.

General Mills benefitted from the use of Transbotics’ software to control the AGVs and make changes in the system as needed. The result was a comprehensive solution that automated a previously manual process to provide JIT delivery to the docks. This is just one more example of how Transbotics is “Moving Your Business.”