Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a 77-foot-long stainless-steel constructed, straight running plastic belt conveyor to move different size height and width tubs Multi-Conveyor pneumatic conveyor beltof product. This particular line incorporates adjustable pneumatic actuated guide rails that can be triggered narrow or wider based on the width of the product sizes, along with a double-high traffic clamp to halt production at the customer's demand. The product clamp can also be closed prior to the products’ arrival when a pre-determined stoppage in the line is necessary.

The auto pneumatically adjustable guide rails move rapidly in tandem, most commonly utilized in overhead conveyor systems where operators cannot access the conveyors to make rail-opening changes. This belt can also be utilized on floor-level conveyors where rapid conveyor changeovers are needed to accommodate different product widths.