WP Bakery, Shelton, Conn., introduced the new WP RIEHLE ITES, a high-speed oven that uses specialized infrared (patent-pending) technology to quickly defrost frozen baked goods, then quickly bake, toast, crisp and/or brown the food.

Ideal for fresh-baked pretzels, pastries, dinner rolls, pizza and more, the WP RIEHLE ITES is said to cook products in about 10-25% of the cooking time compared to conventional cooking methods. That’s because the infrared technology penetrates deep into the product for rapid thawing and baking while retaining the product's moisture.

How it works is, place frozen items on the belt and press start. Then walk away.

No need to monitor product. Baked goods automatically exit at the end of the cooking cycle.

The ITES produces ready-to-eat foods for convenience stores, kiosks, stadiums, airports, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, casinos, supermarkets and foodservice.

WP Bakery Group USA