Vie de France, Vienna, Va., introduced two new European-inspired bakery products developed to enhance operators’ offerings across all dayparts.

Vie de France gourmet burger buns come in Plain, Sesame, Wheat and Poppyseed Kaiser Buns (which are made slightly denser, adding more flavor and body) and Brioche Buns (a traditional French brioche made with butter, eggs and sugar).

“We recognize that sandwiches continue to be a growing segment on foodservice menus, especially burgers,” says Jennifer Sharp, director of marketing. “These products are meant to give operators a high-quality choice to upscale their sandwich offerings, adding value and taste.”

The gourmet burger buns come pre-sliced to reduce labor, and the Kaiser buns are pillow-packed (six packs of 20 pieces) to help operators better manage inventory.

Also new are Vie de France Scones to enhance a company’s large selection of croissants and muffin batters. The scones are pre-portioned and go from freezer to oven to customer in minutes. The square shape can be cut in halves or quarters, have 0 grams trans-fat and boast a 6-month freezer life.

“Handheld items and minis are extremely popular right now,” adds Sharp. “Our scones are on trend, especially if the operator quarters each scone for a smaller portion. They are ideal for caterers, bakery cafes, breakfast restaurants and even in-store bakeries.”