PDC International, Norwalk, Conn., introduced a new steam tunnel system that includes an integrated air knife product blow-off system. 

The Conform Series 55-914 steam tunnel with integrated air knives features stainless dual wall construction, and is compatible with the widest range of containers, including tall bottles and large canisters.

The Conform Series 55-914 is a dual zone system with six rows of steam distribution tubes on each side. Each row is externally adjustable for steam volume, flow and rotary position, so adjustments can be made without waiting for the tunnel to cool. A proprietary nozzle positioner directs steam during the shrinking process, optimizing steam resources and keeping utility costs low.  A primary “pre-shrink zone” at the tunnel entrance anchors the base of the sleeves in position.

The electronic regulator monitors tunnel temperatures in real time, and makes continuous adjustments in steam release to compensate for the “thermal loads” of incoming product. This is particularly useful when the system is running full or cold containers. A digital controller indicates the target temperature, actual temperature and percentage open for the main steam valve, controlling the chamber temperature to + 2°F.

The integrated air knife drying system includes 10 or 15 Hp blower, washdown VFD and disconnect.  Other features include a filter silencer, sound-reducing enclosure, drip tray and removable Lexan spray shields.

The system is designed to mount over existing conveyors, and is an ideal solution for end-user packagers and contract packers.

PDC International Corp.