Key Technology, Walla Walla, Wash., made enhancements to its rotary sizing and grading systems, including the sliver sizer remover (SSR), precision size grader (PSG) and rotary size grader (RSG). This family of versatile equipment enables fruit, vegetable and potato processors to size and grade product by diameter or length while conveying and removing field debris, slivers, small pieces, fines, seeds, juice and other targeted material. With a new fully welded framework, 1-piece block pan, improved water and product deflection, new motor mount with catch pan and more, the new rotary sizing and grading systems improve sanitation and ease maintenance while improving product quality.
The fully welded framework features integral-formed mounting flanges, integral-welded 1-piece block pans and blind-back standoff bosses for mounting the discharge shear. This new design creates a more rigid frame and enhances hygiene by reducing threaded fasteners and eliminating lamination points between surfaces.
A higher infeed frame plate with an added deflection flange helps shed water off the plate, while sloped deflectors on both sides and a deflector flange on the discharge shear help improve water quality. These four new flanges reduce fasteners and laminations where microbes can grow while moving drip points to within the envelope of the equipment.
New top and side bearing/sprocket covers and chain guards are made of punch plate material that enables visual inspection of the bearings, drive sprockets, wear strips and chain without removing the covers or guards. The idle side cover hinges down without removal of the top cover to further ease maintenance. Top surfaces are sloped to reduce product buildup and shed water. The covers and guards enhance sanitation by enabling the areas behind them to be cleaned with high-pressure washdown without removing the covers and guards.
A new motor mount features a drip pan below the gearbox with integrated standoffs. The single square tube support is positioned at a 45-degree angle to shed product and water. Mounting fasteners are reduced and blind-back standoffs are used to further reduce threads and laminations.
An updated spray bar system eliminates U-bolts and bracket-mounting laminations. The new brackets, which support both the infeed and side spray bars, utilize blind-back standoffs and enable the top bearing/sprocket cover to be removed while the spray bars remain in place to enhance sanitation and ease maintenance.
The optional CE cover, which is mounted using side plate retainer bolts, can now be removed. A new standard bearing/shaft guard exceeds OSHA standards.
Key Technology, Inc.