COMERG, Phoenix, Ariz., unveiled new extraction and purification technology that’s dubbed to be a significantly better alternative to carbon dioxide (CO2).

The new low-pressure extraction (LPE) machine, called Atomic, is said to be safer and produces a higher yield than other carbon dioxide extraction systems. Atomic combines two separate carbon dioxide processes into one, while creating a significantly greater yield in a fraction of the time. For example, a 40-minute cycle vs. 120-minute cycle for a standard carbon dioxide process.

Additional features include:

·         Higher yields on shorter run times with cleaner product result.

·         Higher solubility of output for use in food and beverages.

·         Able to handle fragile natural ingredients withless degradation.

·         Low maintenance due better design and construction.

·         Fraction of energy needed during processing.

·         Organic with no solvent residue in the final product.

·         Fire safe due to GRAS (generally recognized as safe) property of the solvent.

·         Low pressure and high safety technology.

·         Low-temperature liquefied gas extraction.

·         Full solvent recovery with no production losses.

·         Allows extraction of fresh and even moisturized product.

·         Unique extraction method that keeps full flavor and aroma.

·         Preserves the full nutritional significance of the ingredients.