High Pressure Equipment Co. (HiP), an Erie, Pa.-based subsidiary of Graco Inc., developed the e710 supercritical CO2 extraction pump system for cannabis and food processing.

The e710 pump system is specifically designed for CO2 circulation to recover 100% of the CO2 vapor when used with recovery tank cooling. HiP’s patented pump/drive technology is said to be the industry’s first high-pressure electric pump system that does not require an air compressor and uses an explosion-proof motor rated for C1D1 areas. 

The e710 supercritical CO2 extraction pump system is ATEX, FM and IECEx-certified and features control technology to provide a continuous 100% duty cycle for 24/7 operation with constant pressure or constant flow control. The system is designed to process liquid condensation without damage and to pull vacuum back through the pump when evacuating a system. 

The pump system’s innovative electric motor requires no air compressor, and since no driving air is used, it cannot leak air into the system. In addition, the e710 requires no lubrication in the pump heads, thereby eliminating potential contamination of product.

Graco High Pressure Equipment Inc., doing business as High Pressure Equipment Co., a subsidiary of Graco Inc.