Heliospectra, Chicago, introduced the new ELIXIA model, featuring a high input voltage ranging from 277- 480VAC power supply for software-controlled LED light solutions suitable for larger facilities using industrial scale electrification for cultivation and crop production.

Developed with leading greenhouse growers in North America and Europe, the new fixture delivers a high-quality light spectrum and output for high-light food crops and cannabis. ELIXIA is fully controllable using Heliospectra's helioCORE light control system, designed for growers demanding control and automation in their greenhouse or indoor growth facility.

Product highlights:

  • Fully programmable using helioCORE light control system.
  • Two available spectrums for indoor or greenhouse applications.
  • 10-600W.
  • High input voltage ranging from 277-480VAC.
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours at installation.

ELIXIA is compatible with Heliospectra's helioCORE light control software, which enables growers to improve the quality of plants and accelerate harvest and production cycles while providing consistent and standardized returns 365 days a year.