JLT Mobile Computers, Tempe, Ariz., announced the JLT1214P, a new logistics computer that features revolutionary rugged projective capacitive touch (PCT) display technology and a bright 12-inch XGA display that can be operated by both a gloved or ungloved hand in even the most demanding environments.

The JLT1214P computer boasts a 64-bit Intel quad-core processor and a resistive touch screen that is susceptible to scratches, scuffs and breakage thanks to a 1.8-mm thick, practically unbreakable hardened glass cover.

It can operate in temperatures between -35°C to 55°C, is dust and water resistant to IP65 and can be easily sanitized. It also features an isolated 18-72 VDC power supply for electrical vehicle installations, a backup battery for uninterrupted operation during power failures and built-in highly sensitive Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) technology.

JLT Mobile Computers, Inc.