The new IO-Link master for the Allen-Bradley POINT I/O system and IO-Link-enabled sensors from Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis., simplify configuration, monitor machine health and communicate data and diagnostics in real time via the global IO-Link communication protocol.

IO-Link-enabled sensors provide a continuous flow of diagnostic information from the production line, helping better predict maintenance needs. The new sensors featuring embedded IO-Link act the same as standard I/O sensors until connected to a master. Once interfaced with an IO-Link master, users can access advanced data and configuration capabilities while using the same 3-wire cables.

The IO-Link master streamlines communication from sensors to the controller. The sensors talk via simple IO-Link protocol to the master and the POINT I/O system communicates with the controller via EtherNet/IP. With automatic device configuration, settings for the master and sensors are saved and can be downloaded from the controller when switching operations or replacing a component. The system streamlines changeover operations on a manufacturing line, reducing the possibility of human error.

Rockwell Automation