AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., Collegeville, Pa., and C2Sense, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., co-developed proprietary sensors to monitor ethylene and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), the active ingredient in patented SmartFresh post-harvest technology. The sensors are designed to deliver real-time information for better insights into the condition of fruit in refrigerated and controlled atmosphere storage rooms.

Sensors are being installed in select storage rooms in North America and Europe, and are expected to be installed in storage rooms in the Southern Hemisphere in 2017. Once installed, AgroFresh fruit physiologists will work with customers to monitor the SmartFresh application and storage room conditions to help optimize storage protocols.

SmartFresh is applied after fruit is placed in storage rooms and helps maintain fruit at peak quality.

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.

C2Sense, Inc.