FoodLogiQ, Durham, N.C., released version 15.4 of FoodLogiQ Connect, an online supplier community used by food companies to manage quality, safety and traceability across the supply chain.

To meet mounting regulatory requirements and consumer demands for transparency, food companies partner with FoodLogiQ to onboard suppliers, capture product information from each of those suppliers and rate them based on their own audits and assessments. By building this community in FoodLogiQ Connect, food companies can achieve end-to-end traceability and act with confidence when issues arise pertaining to stock withdrawals or recalls.

Key updates to the latest version of FoodLogiQ Connect include:

·         Enhanced traceability features, such as community owners can use the "Investigation" tab to visualize critical tracking events that have been recorded or that have been shared by their suppliers.

·         Execute "smart" stock withdrawals. Community owners can now add one or more Product Lots to their withdrawals and use the "Smart" lot selection to include other lots that were created from the selected lot.

·         Template assessments. Community owners can access industry-driven supplier assessments or create their own with additional question types and collect assessments at the supplier product and location level.

·         Improved user interface. The latest release boasts overall enhanced user interface, including a new layout of the community pages and the incorporation of onboarding steps. Updates to the admin menu were relocated to the top right corner as "settings," allowing 1-click access to all user, business and community admin functions.