Israel-based BT9 introduced Xsense Grading, a standardized measurement tool designed to improve the management of the entire cold supply chain, ensuring thatBT9 Xsense scoring all stakeholders in the cold supply chain have full transparency and control over their perishables, anywhere in the world, at any given time.

The Xsense Grading tool specifically scores variations in both temperature and nutritional degradation, which is a function of respiration rates, physiology, time and the various other nutrient composition fluctuations that naturally take place from harvest to consumption.

Xsense “cold chain grading” levels range from a perfect score of 10 to the lowest score of one. Data can be automatically sent when the scores drop below an acceptable threshold, so various participants all along the cold chain can take action to prevent spoilage on a pallet-by-pallet basis.

This holistic approach to cold chain management proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates relevant data and then supplements the data with expert recommendations on how to manage products based on the collected information, assuring the viability of the product's desired environmental conditions from start to finish.