Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis., released PlantPAx model predictive control (MPC) software, which is said to for the first time embed fully functional MPC technology into Logix controllers to help maximize equipment performance.

PlantPAx MPC delivers better coordination of multi-variable actions in complex process applications to maximize controller performance and maintain quality. A single control system-based MPC module supports up to five separate MPC applications, and each of those applications, can support up to 10 controllable variables and 10 manipulated variables.

The software can also measure uncontrollable disturbance variables such as ambient humidity. Once detected, the system predictably responds to these disturbances as needed to keep the process optimized.

PlantPAx MPC uses dynamic explicit modeling to identify and program specific responses and requirements for long and complex processes. PlantPAx MPC also predicts process behavior against identified constraints and makes proactive adjustments to maintain process performance within identified limits.

Rockwell Automation