Omnitracs, LLC, Dallas, Texas, introduced its Accident Severity Model to take the data collected via compliance-centric hours of service (HOS) applications and use it to proactively manage risk.

Designed for any fleet using an electronic HOS management system, this model identifies the highest risk drivers who are most likely to be involved in a serious accident, thereby enabling proactive intervention to prevent accidents, reduce related expenses and enhance overall safety.

Based on a 10-year study of nearly 208,000 crashes, the Accident Severity Model accurately predicted 90% of severe accidents in the 50% of drivers deemed to be at highest risk.

The Accident Severity Model relies on objective data to measure true performance vs relying on drivers’ perception of their condition and alertness. The model predicts drivers likely to have an incident based on loss of control, in which there is a complete disconnect from the driving task, and distraction, or lack of concentration. It will also feature 2-way technology that pulls data from the HOS application and returns tailored safety measures to the driver, essentially serving as a virtual co-driver.

Omnitracs, LLC