Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., debuted a stainless-steel-constructed, pneumatic-controlled, sanitary, quick release, tool-less conveyor belt for transporting temperature-controlled raw meat product at a volume of more than 50,000 pounds per hour. 

The conveyor has a retractable idle end, which operates with a customer-supplied metal detector to reject product at the infeed. The retractable drive end operates in two positions to dispense into either of two hoppers positioned at the discharge.

A checkweigher triggers the diversion to move from one side or the other based on weight for continuous processing, while a manually adjustable belt scraper with catch pan scrapes off excess product that does not fall into the totes.

Sanitary specifications include a mill finish with electro-polish, continuous welds free of pits, cracks and crevices, a retractable "noser" frame and controls located in an offset sanitary enclosure.