Culinary Software Services, Boulder, Colo., released ChefTec xt6 software, which features enhanced reporting capabilities, administrative controls, menu engineering functionality and time-saving features.

Some of ChefTec xt6's enhancements are:

  • A new "vendor performance" report that shows the numbers of shortages and substitutions over a given time period.
  • An added report showing waste by employee, date, location and cost.
  • Ability to set "requisition limits" for ordering from profit centers.
  • Functionality for sending invoices and approving authority before payment.
  • "Recipe cost changes" report shows recipes affected by changes in ingredient costs.
  • "Advanced menu designer" allows users to define descriptors to inventory and filter by descriptors like "contains pork" or "contains alcohol."
  • More speed-typing features to reduce data entry time and produce faster report processing.


Culinary Software Services, Inc.