Hannibal Industries, Inc., Los Angeles, released a video covering the implementation of its Pushback Rack System in M.G. Produce’s warehouse located in Vernon, Calif. Baltin Rack, a Calabasas, Calif.-based distributor of Hannibal Industries’ products, worked closely alongside Andrew Kirby, the inventor of Hannibal’s patented TubeRack, to provide a unique solution to M.G. Produce’s warehousing needs.

“Our new video on this case study serves to clearly explain and demonstrate the competitive benefits Hannibal Industries’ Pushback Rack System brings to a warehouse,” says Steve Rogers, executive vice president at Hannibal Industries. “We are proud of the results we were able to deliver for M.G. Produce, working alongside our partners at Baltin Rack, and we look forward to working more with them on design projects in the future.”

M.G. Produce, Vernon, Calif., is said to be one of the largest domestic and international suppliers of Asian fruits and vegetables for North America. To keep up with its rapid growth, the company moved into a 70,000-square-foot, custom-built, state-of-the-art warehouse designed by Baltin Rack.

“Pushback Rack is very easy to use, and it has saved us a great deal of space,” adds Sueng-min Yoon, founder of M.G. Produce. “It increased our warehouse space by 30% while reducing our labor costs by 20%, and that is quite an accomplishment.”

The core element of the warehouse design is Hannibal’s unique Pushback Systems that are manufactured using heavy-duty structural tube support rails along with encapsulated flanged wheeled carts. The benefits to M.G. Produce include:

•    The tubular rails offer an economic strength-to-weight ratio, up to 3,000-pounds capacity.
•    Produced in Hannibal’s nearby Los Angeles factory, the structural steel construction ensures long life in tough warehouse environments.
•    The unique 2- to 6-deep design provides trouble-free operation and extensive built-in safety features.
•    The flanged wheel design with tube rails prevents debris from being caught in the system, ensuring continuous smooth rolling action and cleaner environment, ideal for fruits and vegetable storage.
•    Pushback Systems are said to have a lower profile than other cart type systems, allowing extra life clearance and the possibility of an extra level of storage. They also feature a high-quality powder coat finish.

Hannibal Industries is a pallet rack manufacturer providing material handling solutions to food and beverage, warehouse distribution, manufacturing, cold storage distribution and third-party logistics providers (3PL).