Tyco Integrated Security (TycoIS), a business unit of Tyco International, Boca Raton, Fla., made available Cloud Video, a cloud-based video solution provided by Eagle Eye Networks Inc., Austin, Texas.

Customers using Cloud Video are able to view live and recorded video from any location using a standard web browser or mobile device. Cloud Video works with any number of IP or analog cameras, which allows it to meet the needs of commercial businesses, as well as mid-size and small business owners.

Additional features include:

·         No PCs to manage or software to install.

·         Eagle Eye is compatible with a wide array of cameras.

·         No need for physical storage at the user's business or offsite.

·         Offers remote software upgrades.

·         Multiple users can view the video at the same time, no matter their location, and based on user preferences, the solution will send an e-mail alert to designated individuals depending on customer-selected system events.

Tyco Integrated Security