Opto 22, Temecula, Calif., introduced the groov with Node-RED, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that easily integrates automation systems, like automated packaging equipment, control refrigeration systems and manufacturing lines, with back-end IT or cloud-based systems.

groov is a zero-programming, web-based way to build, deploy and view effective, scalable operator interfaces and system dashboards to monitor and control systems and equipment using mobile devices and other computer-based systems.

And, with the addition of the Node-RED development environment, groov is the ideal toolset for IIoT application developers. groov fuses together an industrially rugged hardware platform, data visualization for mobile and web clients, robust industrial automation protocol support, including Modbus/TCP and OPC UA and advanced data flow processing. Add these to its ability to connect multiple data sources such as devices, databases and third-party APIs (application program interfaces), and groov becomes a single, cohesive platform for nearly any IIoT or edge computing application.

Node-RED is an innovative visual wiring tool that connects edge computing systems such as industrial automation controllers to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, IBM Watson IoT and Microsoft Azure in new and interesting ways. Created by IBM Emerging Technologies, UK, Node-RED includes the Node-RED library, which contains over 600 pre-built and ready-to-deploy nodes.

groov can augment existing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems by making important information available to authorized users at any time and in any location. Users can also receive event-based email messages, for example when a connected machine or system needs attention.

Node-RED flows in the Node-RED Editor, which allows users to install additional nodes such as mysql and weather, add or update security certificates, manage the Node-RED runtime, monitor resource usage for both Node-RED and the groov appliance, view and download Node-RED logs and view, back up and restore Node-RED project files.

Opto 22