Gossner Foods is a Logan, Utah-based leader in the dairy industry, maintaining a growing family business with three locations across the western United States. With space in this cold storage facility at a premium and energy conservation top of mind, Gossner Foods elected to continue its use of the Storax Poweracks mobile racking system.

“In the late 1990s, we first utilized Poweracks at our Logan plant. We immediately realized the benefits of a mobile racking system over conventional static racking systems—greater volume of storage capacity, greater product accessibility and energy conservation,” says Dave Larsen, plant manager at Gossner Foods. “Over the last two decades, as we’ve systematically grown our operations, we’ve continued to install the Poweracks system—it just makes good business sense.”

Today’s demands in the food industry are driving an unprecedented rate of change, particularly in warehouse automation. For over 50 years, the Poweracks mobile storage system has been used throughout Europe, where energy, labor, land and material costs have been at a premium. North American manufacturers and distributors are quickly learning the business case for high-density, mobile racking systems such as Poweracks.

“By sharing the access aisle among multiple storage aisles with Poweracks, not only are we storing more cheese, but we [also] have a smaller area to heat, cool and maintain, which has had a direct, positive impact on our bottom line,” adds Larsen.

Storax Poweracks is a versatile industrial mobile racking system, designed to increase storage capacity by as much as 100%. Comprised of a racking superstructure installed to a powered moving base, Poweracks replaces conventional static aisles with one moving one. This unique design combines direct access with a substantial increase in storage density.

“Food manufacturers operating in a cold storage environment are acutely aware of the need to unite efficient space utilization, direct inventory access and increased productivity,” says Todd Jessup, principal at Storax America/Flexspace, Charleston, S.C. “Cold storage environments are energy dependent and cost-intensive environments to operate and build. Facility owners and managers are seeking storage methods that maximize their ‘cube’ while trying to maintain immediate, unobstructed access to their products.”

Other Poweracks advantages include:

  • Up to 100% increase in pallet storage.
  • Energy costs divided over up to 100% more pallets.
  • 20-50% decrease in facility footprint.
  • 20-40% construction costs savings.
  • 20-40% savings on cost per pallet.
  • 50-100% increase in revenue potential.
  • Unobstructed product access; no double handling.
  • ncreased air circulation and product integrity.

Poweracks is one of Storax America/Flexspace’s space-optimizing, storage-maximizing products, driving storage efficiency and increasing revenue for customers.